Team audit

objective: to measure the ability of a team to meet the expectations put on her, to identify the disruptive factors and to put forward solutions

methodology: based on a SWOT approach, this consists of formalization of the need, information gathering through interviews, analysis/summary of the data, preparation of the audit report, presentation of outcomes

key point: preventive actions taken in due time, even when they are unpleasant, avoid that small issues turn into big crisis

fees: these are calculated on the basis of the number of days the consultant spends on the brief and generally are somewhere between CHF 10,000 and CHF 50,000, depending on the mission

purpose: a team audit is appropriate for every situation linked to change management such as new strategy, new management, organizational adjustment, merger and acquisition as well as in case of hidden conflict within a team

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The fortitude difference:
ensuring that recruitment becomes part of the dynamics of human resource management, in particular with respect to executives and managers, optimizing their performances and therefore those of the company as a whole.