The firm

fortitude is an up-market recruitment consulting firm specializing in the segment of high potential managers and key senior executives. We are most often called upon for executive and management positions, as well as for specialist executive ones when they are proving difficult to fill. Our clients point to our ability to undertake the most complex and delicate of missions, those where a sound professional expertise is required.
We created fortitude to enable private and public corporations to access the best managers and the most effective executives. As a result, we are working, both in Switzerland and abroad, in two main fields: strategic recruitment, where we find the best profiles to hire, and recruitment strategy consulting, where we help in the widest sense of the term – that is everything that occurs prior or subsequent to a recruitment and which makes it a success.
Our firm is supported by a number of reliable partners, people who are influential in the economy and in the academic world. The contacts that these men and women have complement our own network, and enable us to work effectively in a number of different economic sectors, such as manufacturing, service companies, public administrations, sports federations and international organizations.

The ambition of fortitude:

to be the leading regional player, in a position to compete with the local branches of the biggest international firms, to provide an intelligent mixture of creativity and rigor, enthusiasm and experience, initiative and ethics, to be able to respond better and quicker to the recruitment needs of our clients.