Strategic recruitment

Recruiting is an art. Like any other art, recruiting requires a subtle blend of talent and technique. The necessary time has to be taken if the job is to be done properly. Not many companies have the resources needed to master the art of recruitment and therefore they turn to firms like ours.
When a client wishes to outsource the entire process, we offer what we call a
"search contract". Depending on the context, the type of position that is available and the pool of potential candidates, the client is able to choose between three levels of contract:
a full search, with systematic campaigns for approaching candidates, a limited search, which focuses on a limited number of people, or a targeted search, the ideal solution when the client knows who he would like to recruit.

Sometimes, whether by choice or by obligation, the client wishes to carry out part of the process himself: in that case, we can offer an "à la carte" service. We accompany the client throughout the process and provide any resources that may be missing, either because they simply do not exist within the company or because they are unavailable at that given moment. This kind of service does however require that the consultant have extensive knowledge of the context, so that his contribution fits seamlessly into the whole dynamics of the recruitment.

The fortitude bonus:
the guarantee that we will provide a service that is of high quality, suited to the actual needs of the client and carried out with nothing hidden, whether in terms of the contents of the service or the fees payable for it.