Recruitment strategies

Recruiting is becoming more delicate by the day. The demands for immediate results and the pressure that is thus created mean that more than ever before, the manager has to have the right attitude and has to make the right choice, first time round. It is for this reason that alongside our search contracts, we offer a whole range of consulting services to make recruiting easier and the results more sustainable.
The first of these consulting services is the strategic recruitment plan: on the basis of an
in-depth analysis of the situation, we accompany the client in the definition of the objectives and of the means to reach them. Drawing up this kind of plan is extremely useful when a recruitment campaign has to be organized, or for more long-term purposes, such as the setting up of an Human Resources policy, for instance.
Before deciding on the strategic plan, it is sometimes necessary to study the current situation in some detail: we recommend the team audit to help identify the strong points of the existing group and to highlight those issues where improvement is necessary. Similarly, there may be frustrations or unsatisfied expectations in a company that are giving rise to problems: the satisfaction survey locates these problems, which is the first step on the road to resolving them.
Last of all, in order to harmonize the behavior of internal clients during a recruitment campaign, and to ensure that everybody is working according to the same rules, we offer recruitment training, a program which is carried out in the company's offices over one or two days.

The fortitude difference:
ensuring that recruitment becomes part of the dynamics of human resource management, in particular with respect to executives and managers, optimizing their performances and therefore those of the company as a whole.