The candidates
Recruiting is a different game these days. The changes in relationships within businesses and the advent of Internet have had dramatic effects on the recruitment industry. Candidates no longer wait to be approached, and will register their curriculum vitae in databases, many of which have become very reliable.
Those who wish to join our database can register here: they will be contacted when their profile matches one of our searches. They are then free to reply to our approach, if the opportunity attracts their attention, or if they wish quite simple to test the waters of the market. They are also free to turn the offer down, if they are not interested.
However, of the people that we present to clients, only a minority come from our database. In fact, our search techniques and our extensive contact networks enable us to have access to all forms of profile, whether in Switzerland or abroad. So, the quality of our approach and the rigor and professionalism of our assessments allow us to assert that we present the best candidates the market has to offer.
The fortitude commitment:
to be honest with the candidates, to treat them with the respect they deserve, to enable them to come out of the recruitment process stronger than they went in, regardless of the result.