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objective: to present a wide spectrum of quality candidates by viewing the job profile from different angles, and to help the client recruit the best candidate from those coming forward

methodology: tailored to the client’s context and the specificity of the vacant appointment, this is based on the four steps in recruitment, namely: understanding of the need, acquisition of candidates, evaluation of applicants and selection of the best; candidates are acquired by head-hunting several dozen people, in accordance with a strategy drawn up with the client, re-worked if necessary

key point:
a systematic, personalized approach, relying on reasoning and presented in an objective, professional manner, always generates a flow of interesting candidates

fees: these are generally the subject of a fixed charge in the order of magnitude of 25% to 40% of the gross annual remuneration for the post to be filled; fees are due as and when the assignment progresses

warranty: a replacement candidate will be secured at no further cost if the appointee resigns within one year of appointment, provided that departure is not due to unforeseen significant contextual change within the company or the job content

purpose: a full search is recommended when being able to choose from a wide spectrum of profiles is useful, if not essential, for taking a composed intelligent decision.

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The fortitude bonus:
the guarantee that we will provide a service that is of high quality, suited to the actual needs of the client and carried out with nothing hidden, whether in terms of the contents of the service or the fees payable for it.