Strategic recruitment plan

objective: to define the resources to be put in place within a company to set up recruitment policy and/or carry out a recruitment campaign

methodology: based on a SWOT approach, this comprises formalizing needs, compiling an inventory of existing mobilizable resources and drawing up and submitting a report with recommendations on actions to be taken

key point: every recruitment is different, and successful recruitment depends to a large extent on the ability to call upon the right resources (internal or external) at the right time

fees: these are calculated on the basis of the number of days the consultant spends on the brief and generally are somewhere between CHF 10,000 and CHF 20,000

purpose: the strategic plan applies to any entity wishing to make a diagnostic report on the situation, upstream of a wide scale and/or strategic recruitment campaign or before setting up a formal recruitment policy

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The fortitude difference:
ensuring that recruitment becomes part of the dynamics of human resource management, in particular with respect to executives and managers, optimizing their performances and therefore those of the company as a whole.