Satisfaction survey

objective: to identify and formalize motivation and demotivation factors within a team of executives or specialists

methodology: tailored to the context of the survey, this consists of five steps: need analysis, formation of the panel and interview guidelines, information gathering, analysis/summary and preparation of a report, presentation of outcomes with feedback to the panel

key point: there are numerous factors outside of income to take into account to attract/retain the best elements

fees: these are calculated on the basis of the number of days the consultant spends on the brief and generally are somewhere between CHF 10,000 for a small group and CHF 50,000 if the survey relates to an entity of some size

purpose: a satisfaction survey is suited to any situation where it is important to know what are the factors of attraction and demotivation together with the relative weight thereof

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The fortitude difference:
ensuring that recruitment becomes part of the dynamics of human resource management, in particular with respect to executives and managers, optimizing their performances and therefore those of the company as a whole.