Targeted search

objective: to approach one or two persons targeted by the client, then to verify that they match the requirements of the situation vacant

methodology: tailored to the client’s context and specificity of the vacant appointment, this is based on the four steps in recruitment, namely: understanding of the need, acquisition of candidates, evaluation of applicants and selection of the best; there is no acquisition of candidates properly speaking, simply a direct approach to the person targeted

key point: any position will attract someone provided it is put into the proper light

these are based on a fixed charge of the order of magnitude of 10% to 25% of the gross annual remuneration for the post to be filled and are mainly due on signature of the contract of employment for the person specified

warranty: if the candidate resigns within three months of taking up the post, the client will be offered a full search at a reduced fee, provided that the candidate did not leave for reasons of unforeseen significant contextual change within the company or the job content

a targeted search should only be considered if the client is certain that the person being approached is capable of sustainable long-term success in the position offered

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The fortitude bonus:
the guarantee that we will provide a service that is of high quality, suited to the actual needs of the client and carried out with nothing hidden, whether in terms of the contents of the service or the fees payable for it.