Recruitment training

objective: to have those people who one day may be called upon to hire staff, acquire sound basic knowledge of the recruitment process

methodology: tailored to suit the particular circumstances of each company, this tends to be andragogic in its approach with a mix of theories, situation scenarios and exchange of experiences

key point: recruitment involving different units within a company will be all the easier to implement if every player works from a common baseline

fees: these depend on the format selected and vary from CHF 5,000 for a half-day initiation course to CHF 25,000 for a three-day group seminar

purpose: recruitment training is aimed at all companies where the Human Resources Department wishes to optimize recruitment it undertakes or causes to be undertaken on behalf of its internal clients

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The fortitude difference:
ensuring that recruitment becomes part of the dynamics of human resource management, in particular with respect to executives and managers, optimizing their performances and therefore those of the company as a whole.